• Our experience in working with Alan Viegas has been, and is, outstanding ...
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    Dr.Prannoy & Radhika Roy

  • What I now own is a unique property, perhaps one of its kind. ...
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    Rajan Srinivasan
    Indus Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

  • He never compromised our interests even if that meant risking the deal and his fees ...
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    Akshay Chudasama

  • Also appreciate the level of detail post transaction where they took care to deliver the smaller things like gas and electricity connections and chang ...
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    Romil Parikh

  • We had been advised by many people not to purchase in Goa, ...
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    Piloo Bomanjee, Farhad Bomanjee (Kala Ghoda Café)

  • Alan and his team have been honest and extremely efficient, informative and helpful during the sale ...
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    Pearl & Shirish Saraf, Samena Capital
    Dona Paula

  • His demeanor is very professional and his integrity is beyond doubt. I would recommend him without a ...
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    Bobby Chadha & Ritu Beri

  • I would recommend and have recommended Alan to all my friend. ...
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    Chander Lall
    Lawyer, New Delhi

  • the sale of our previous property which was fraught with difficulties and you guided us through to a ...
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    Barbara Calais and Jimmy (Firdous)
    Goa / Pune

  • We couldn’t have found a more professional real estate agency anywhere in Goa. We would only trust ...
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    Ivan & Sheela Levy
    The Body Shop, Switzerland

  • Alan is like a very scrupulous jeweller, who not only sources the finest real estate solitaires ...
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    Archana & Sumeet Bhobe
    Snip Salons & Spas

  • He let us explore other offerings with other parties and never put any 'Selling' preasure on us ...
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    Raymond Pillai

  • At P.M.G. I've been impressed by the professional no-nonsense approach that they bring to their work ...
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    Dr. C.R.Chandrashekhar

  • Your timely advice has helped us in purchasing three properties in Goa. Ethics of the highest order ...
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    Sansar and Anuradha Chandra

  • Us being foreign nationals (OCIs), it was a difficult sale...Your in-house lawyer Luella Do Rego was ...
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    Shelley & Colm Madden

  • With such a well trained, capable and dynamic team of individuals - the sky is the limit ...
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    Nyrika Crishna
    Lawyer, Mumbai

  • I needed to dissolve a transaction into which I had entered and the matter was handled tactfully ...
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    Ranjit Sethi
    Former Ambassader, Govt.of India

  • The documentation you delivered post closing, was world class in its presentation and ease of review ...
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    Bharat Bhise
    Bravia Capital

  • All of the recent villas I have designed in Goa were sold through the Property Management Group ...
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    Tarun Tahiliani

  • Being an NRI and making the right investment in properties back in India is a tedious task ...
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    Kaushal Tiwari
    Captain, Qatar Airways

  • I received regular updates (with pictures) of progress on the construction of my villa ...
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    Neeta Sirur
    Washington, U.S.A