testimonials Our experience in working with Alan Viegas has been, and is, outstanding. Alan is not only excellent professionally ... he is a patient, kind and effective personality. He has a safe pair of hands and can be relied upon fully. We enjoyed and continue to enjoy our relationship with Alan and have no hesitation in recommending his work and professionalism to anyone. real estate in goa testimonials

-Dr.Prannoy & Radhika Roy

testimonials Dear Alan If I recall, I first met you in a very providential way when I was visiting a friend in Vagator in March 2013. She had engaged you to find her a home. I took the opportunity to talk to you as well about the specifics of a villa that I was also looking for. I described in some detail what I was seeking. It was a very specific requirement, on the Mandovi River front and with an existing structure with all CRZ permissions. Subsequently, a lot of time elapsed, to the extent that I had forgotten about our conversation. To my surprise, you contacted me in late 2014, almost 18 months later!! And urged me to quickly see what you had found. To begin with, I was surprised that my requirement was still in play. Secondly, what I was shown was EXACTLY what I had described to you. And lastly, you professionally guided me to close the purchase price, even flying to Bombay with me to negotiate with the buyer. A number of other factors continued to surprise me. 1. That you maintained a legal department in-house to pre-vet the legitimacy of the property title. And you asserted that you rarely show a property that was not first legally vetted by you personally since in Goa, Portuguese Property Laws still prevails and there is a lot of scope for a defective title. 2. That you had excellent personal rapport with all relevant professionals to help me post the purchase - legal luminories for due diligence, CRZ consultants to guide me through the application process, etc. 3. That your office staff handled every step of pre and post registration, making the property purchase a painless and seamless process. 4. That in the end, the title file was delivered neatly collated with all relevant documents, including mother documents showing flow of title going back perhaps a 100 years. I can unreservedly express my appreciation and satisfaction with the services rendered by your firm. What I now own is a unique property, perhaps one of its kind. real estate in goa testimonials

-Rajan Srinivasan
Indus Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

testimonials Its rare to find a real estate agency that’s as professional and efficient as PMG offering an end to end service. Alan and his team went out of their way to help us in closing what appeared to be a straight forward transaction but as with all real estate deals in India had its fair share of complications. Alan was market savvy and extremely knowledgeable of local rules and regulations. He was patient and proactive at the same time and never compromised our interests even if that meant risking the deal and his fees. We have no hesitation in recommending PMG to prospective buyers of real estate in Goa. real estate in goa testimonials

-Akshay Chudasama

testimonials I have been extremely impressed and touched by the level of service that Alan and his team have shown to me during my transaction. You often hear that buying property in Goa is fraught with risk but I can safely say that with the PMG handling any matter you will get a clear professional and unbiased advice every time. Also appreciate the level of detail post transaction where they took care to deliver the smaller things like gas and electricity connections and change of users. One of the best teams I have worked with in this industry. real estate in goa testimonials

-Romil Parikh

testimonials “We had been advised by many people not to purchase in Goa, as there have been a lot of scare stories of people being cheated. Part of our final decision to buy came from the level of comfort and professionalism offered by Alan and the PMG group. Alan has put together a great team in a nice office in Panjim, and they are meticulous with their research and coordination between buyer and seller. They are so much more than a brokerage. The quality of their communication leaves no room for misunderstandings. I would definitely recommend PMG for anyone wanting to buy or sell with peace of mind in Goa.” real estate in goa testimonials

-Piloo Bomanjee, Farhad Bomanjee (Kala Ghoda Café)

testimonials All our dealings with PMG from the start to end have been excellent, and Alan and his team have been honest and extremely efficient, informative and helpfull during the sale and post-sale. We both have highly praised your services and recommended you to all our family and friends and will continue to do so in the future. real estate in goa testimonials

-Pearl & Shirish Saraf, Samena Capital
Dona Paula

testimonials As a serial real estate investor for over 35 years, I have dealt with hundreds of brokers, but can state without hesitation that Alan Viegas of Property Management Group is head and shoulders above others. He is the kind of broker you want on your side in a real estate deal. He has enormous knowledge of the real estate sector especially Goa real estate, the experience to see through all the nuances in a deal, the skill and perseverance to do all the due diligence to make sure every part of the deal is carefully evaluated. He is so thorough that I can completely trust his evaluation of the deal. His demeanor is very professional and his integrity is beyond doubt. I would recommend him without any reservations. real estate in goa testimonials

-Bobby Chadha & Ritu Beri

testimonials Alan was a refreshing experience in purchasing our Dona Paula apartment. Amiable, honest and efficient are words that immediate come to mind. I would recommend and have recommended Alan to all my friend. real estate in goa testimonials

-Chander Lall
Lawyer, New Delhi

testimonials Dear Alan, its two and a half years now that we have been living in our flat. We are extremely happy here and very grateful to you and your staff for helping us find it and especially for all the trouble you took in finalising the details of the agreement etc. Also l would like to thank you for all the help you gave us with the negotiations on the sale of our previous property which was long and tedious business and fraught with difficulties and you guided us through to a successful conclusion. We are often mentioning your name to our friends who are involved in property transactions and l would always highly recommend your services. real estate in goa testimonials

-Barbara Calais and Jimmy (Firdous)
Goa / Pune

testimonials We couldn’t have found a more professional real estate agency anywhere in Goa. The handling of the Sale of property, the collating and collection of all the necessary documentation was absolutely fantastic and had it not been for Alan Viegas, we most probably would never have been able to sell our property. Your company also helped us avoiding making some major purchasing mistakes. Should we ever want to buy a property in Goa again, we would only trust and deal with the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT GROUP. real estate in goa testimonials

-Ivan & Sheela Levy
The Body Shop, Switzerland

testimonials PMG made the ‘Dream Home’ a reality for us. However, finding the property was only 50% of the job done. In my opinion the real challenge was to navigate the entire negotiation process and ensure that both, the buyer and seller were happy with the concluded price and transaction. Alan Viegas did that with finesse, transparency and integrity. The paperwork was crystal clear and superbly documented. PMG office assistants were available to help in all the nitty-gritties of the registration process. Alan Viegas is like a very scrupulous jeweller, who not only sources the finest real estate solitaires, but also inspires confidence and pride in his clients. real estate in goa testimonials

-Archana & Sumeet Bhobe
Snip Salons & Spas

testimonials A prominent Lawyer in Goa gave me Alan Viegas's name and telephone number saying "Alan is one of the best and you can be sure the title will be clean" so I contacted Alan from Delhi and we exchanged a number of emails and agreed a date to visit some properties. I had also fixed meetings with developers and other agents for a full week of back to back visits to see what products were available in Goa. Alan showed us several possibilities on the first day and this process helped him understand our tastes and what we like as well as helped us understand what we really wanted. He let us explore other offerings with other parties and never put any 'selling' preasure on us. Then on Thursday, Alan called and said he had a house (which he had covered in an earlier email) that he was sure we would like. Despite the fact that we had already made an offer on another property, we trusted Alan's judgement and saw the property at 3pm on Friday. It was an easy decision. We made an offer which Alan took to the owner and that evening and an agreement was reached. We had just 5 weeks to complete the legal process before leaving for France and Alan's team were under the gun to get all the documents that our exacting Lawyers wanted. Four weeks later we were back in Goa and, for practical reasons, there was a complex exchange of deeds and payment that had to be handled by an electronic transfer of funds (RTGS) which all had to be done before the registration offices closed at midday. Alan orchestrated this nail biting process with coolness and confidence though later he admitted this was the first time a completion had been handled this way. Since we were not in the country, Alan's firm handled the mutation of the property and transfer of the electricity and water into our names as well as kept an eye on the property in our absence. All this was part of his after sales service. So if I sum up the experience, three words come to mind. Professional, Knowledgeable and Charming..... and one has found a new Friend in the bargain. real estate in goa testimonials

-Raymond Pillai

testimonials Ever since I met Alan and his staff at the Property Management Group I've been impressed by the professional no-nonsense approach that they bring to their work. Any time I visited a property and was taken up with the 'view' or location or any other 'wow' factor Alan was busy doing his own checks of more important aspects like plumbing, cracks, possible seepage problems during the monsoon and so on. We finally decided to buy a flat in Gera Astoria at Caranzalem, a property that was then only being planned. Yet Alan had the foresight to choose the correct corner flat and the correct floor, and now when I look at the completed flat and the view therefrom, I know we couldn't have made a better choice - it's probably one of the best units in that property. Don't look further than the Property Management Group when it comes to investing in real estate in Goa! real estate in goa testimonials

-Dr. C.R.Chandrashekhar

testimonials We have always found your business commitment, ethics and values of the highest order and sincerely appreciate our professional relationship with the Property Management Group. Your timely guidance , suggestions and advice have helped us in taking financial decisions, and purchasing three properties through PMG, which otherwise would have been tough. This very nature of PMG conducting business in this mode gives you a superior edge in the market. We have always admired your team for so many years and its to your credit that customers feel confident in conducting high value financial transactions with PMG. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I am confident that based on the strong values you have built in PMG, there is no other way but to be the best company in the business in your field. real estate in goa testimonials

-Sansar and Anuradha Chandra

testimonials I want to let you know how pleased I was with how you, your staff and your in-house lawyer handled the sale of my house at Ranoi, Aldona in Bardez. Us being foreign nationals (OCIs), it was a difficult sale, given that there were some legal challenges and while we had two sales prior to your involvement, neither was able to complete. Your in-house lawyer at the time Luella was exceptional and guided us successfully through the legal hurdles. We got the price we were happy to accept and the sale was handled professionally with all our concerns addressed. Thank you, Alan, and should we need to sell property in the future be assured we will come to you. real estate in goa testimonials

-Shelley & Colm Madden

testimonials Your organisation provides a complete solution - from market research, to negotiation with the sellers, registration of the property and transfer formalities post acquisition. Your service has been seamless from beginning to end and it is a comfort and a pleasure to work with you. Through you, we have understood a tremendous amount about the property market in Goa from procedural formalities to personal psychology. The level of professionalism, hard work and attention to detail you and your team have demonstrated in these past few Months is truly outstanding. With such a well trained, capable and dynamic team of individuals - the sky is the limit. We are very satisfied with your services and look forward to having a sustained relationship going forward. real estate in goa testimonials

-Nyrika Crishna
Lawyer, Mumbai

testimonials I would strongly recommend the services of the Property Management Group for its professional competence. It provides its clients with excellent knowledge and service in the real estate sector in Goa. The value of these services is considerably enhanced by the personal qualities of Mr Alan Viegas, as was evident when it became necessary to review and indeed dissolve a transaction into which I had entered. The matter was handled with maturity and consideration, without the intervention of legal experts or any other party. A dispute was avoided, as were expenses and anxieties that usually follow. Indeed the entire matter was skillfully and tactfully managed by Mr Viegas and his company. No praise could be high enough for the way it was amicably resolved to the entire satisfaction of all concerned, with a considerable sum of money at stake for one and all. Such services are indeed are and certainly invaluable. real estate in goa testimonials

-Ranjit Sethi
Former Ambassader, Govt.of India

testimonials I take pleasure in recommending your firm in all aspects of the acquisition of real estate in Goa. The thoroughness that you showed in the site visits and valuations together with the coordination with lawyers and local authorities was most impressive. Most importantly, you were extremely able to get us comfortable with title as well as the regulatory approvals process, which can be a cumbersome maze for a Non-Goan. The documentation that you delivered post closing was world class in its presentation and ease of review for a complicated set of documents. real estate in goa testimonials

-Bharat Bhise
Bravia Capital

testimonials It has always been a pleasure dealing with Alan Viegas. We were introduced through Cushman & Wakefield and all of the recent villas I have designed in Goa were sold through the Property Management Group. In addition, I take feedback from him on how the market is working and more. It has been a pleasure to deal with this professional. real estate in goa testimonials

-Tarun Tahiliani

testimonials Being an NRI and making the right investment in properties back in India is a tedious task. I had visited more than a dozen exhibitions on properties but no one seemed to get it right with regard to my requirements - they kept asking whether it was for investment or whether it was meant for me to stay and my answer every time was both! I was fortunate enough to meet Mr.Alan Viegas at this very crucial juncture. During the meeting with Mr.Viegas, he clearly understood the fact that a carefully selected house is a potential investment, while being a home at the same time. Property Management Group has a very organised set up and they take the trouble to understand the needs of each client and work with the client EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. As an NRI, they helped me with the paper work and made everything problem free. Before we knew it, our deal for our new home was done without any hitches. I can very confidently say that anyone who deals with PMG will come out a winner in every aspect. I highly recommend PMG to every NRI looking for a home in Goa. real estate in goa testimonials

-Kaushal Tiwari
Captain, Qatar Airways

testimonials Working with Alan Viegas and his efficient, professional staff at The Property Management Group made my recent purchase of a villa in Goa a smooth and easy process. Alan's team was extremely knowledgeable about Goa's property market, helped steer me to reliable developers and kept me fully apprised of the requirements for each stage of the transaction. PMG was in close touch with me throughout the process and helped facilitate communication with the property developer to iron out any issues that arose during the construction period. Since I am based in the US and had no personal representative in Goa I was warned by many people that buying a property in Goa could become very treacherous-thanks to Alan and his team, though, it was a piece of cake! I received regular updates (with pictures) of progress on the construction of my villa, Property Management Group helped me to work out some changes that I wanted to make to the initial design and he and his team proved a fantastic great resource on all things Goan. real estate in goa testimonials

-Neeta Sirur
Washington, U.S.A

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